Our houses is completely ready for you and your family to move in. Even the garden is ready. All you have to think about is what comfy sofa you want to curl up in front of the TV in the living room, what fluffy rug you want under the coffee table, or what color you should have on the curtains that frame the large windows. Our houses are primarily designed for families with children and adapted so that first-time buyers can afford to buy a newly produced, climate-smart house. Which house model do you choose?

House model 1

Single-storey villa of 140 m²

A modern and bright single-storey house with open spaces. The house is built at an angle and has 4 bedrooms where one of them can be used as an office. The kitchen, dining area and living room are a welcoming and unifying area where the community is at the center. There are many lovely areas to build patios, herb gardens and maybe an outdoor spa.

House model 2

Single-story villa of 140 m²

Our h-shaped house has 140 sqm of well-disposed area where a division between the more active rooms and the bedrooms which gives the children their own space in the house together with a lovely bathroom. Here, the surfaces create bright lovely rooms with space and a luxurious feel, and the patio area on the back is fantastic.

House model 3

Launches soon!

Vår hur är primärt för barnfamiljer


Our houses are designed primarily for families with children and first-time buyers with normal finances. The eco-villages are built in close proximity to cities with an environmental focus. The houses are ecologically sound and produced from recyclable natural materials. They are insulated with wood wool, prefabricated and of the highest quality. Windows and doors are assembled in the factory and all the ducting for electricity, fibre, water, ventilation and heating are built into the houses. The houses are then transported with climate-compensated and electrified transport as far as possible. 


Next to each eco-village we build solar cell parks. The solar cell park supplies each property with energy for its own consumption and also a surplus that can be sold to the grid. The properties are given two different electricity networks, an AC 3-phase 230 volt network and a DC network of 700 volts. The DC network is fed directly from the solar cells and batteries and, among other things, runs the ventilation in the property. Each property also has a local battery for storage so that the power needed is available immediately.

Våra hus har en tillhörande solcellspark
Våra hus drivs av solenergi. Bra för dig som väljer elbil.


Combining an electric car with a house from Markexpo is extra profitable as there is ready supply of solar energy. Since 90% of charging of electric cars is done at home, this reduces the monthly costs considerably. It is also efficient because the sun stores solar energy during the day and the car is charged at night.  

Sound to good to be true? It is not. Contact us for more information.

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